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Our company’s many years in the textile industry and our interest in the ever changing technological advances have accompanied us while separating the layers of WASTEA.

We first use the lower fabric base to generate new fabrics. Later, the upper layer is shredded into fine particles so that it can be mixed up with cement and other natural elements. Through this process, emerges a new material we call WASMENT. WASMENT is an advanced cement alternative with extensive features such as Isolation (protection from heat and cold), durability and hardness. And since one of the main things we value as a company is education, we aim to use WASMENT for building schools, and contribute to the flourishing of the new generations in the future.


WASTEA is up to 95% bio-based. Currently the highest amount of bio content.

• Using sustainable innovation to replace basic polyurethane.
• Commercial pricing.
• Supporting 13 of 17 development goals.
• Recycling the material / goods giving a new lifecycle.

DECREASING C(eq) Emissions from 43,3kg (Cow Leather) to 2.1kg with WASTEA (difference up to 95% Emission).

Our most important value is the protection of the nature, so using green energy for production and carbon neutral logistic is our primary approach. We also would like to give back to nature, so for every meter sold, a tree will be planted in return.

Pricing will be economical. We belive it is important to create a commercial material in order to be extensive sustainable.

We aim for a sustainable future and believe that road to that future is through increasing the area of use for sustainable products. For that reason our WASTEA can be used in many different industries and ares. For each different use we have created the most suitable combination of base fabric & upper layer with high plant/bio-based content.

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