“several companies and your success”

Our Company "SCAYS"

“several companies and your success” as the terms / slogan indicates, our customers are the most significant organ in our company philosophy. In other words; our success will come with yours.


Therefore, we first trying to understand the needs and desires of our clients to 100%, and creating another 100% of our own input on top, thats our success.

SCAYS is service, quality, client oriented pricing, innovation, success, fast response to the market, fashion, design input, honest consulting, client satisfaction, innovation, global organisation, capability, power, team work, intelligence, marketing & branding, etc.

We are more than just a company in the Textile sector, SCAYS is a European Organisation with its productions in the Middle East. Our Head Quarter is based in Istanbul, the bridge between Europe and Asia. At the current stage, we are located in more than 6 countries.


The place of 1001 Nights. Istanbul is a smart / rational location, where we are able to response fast to the market, with short lead-times, high quality in raw materials and in production, competitive prices, etc. all necessary advantageous and relative factors are captured.


To answer the question “what we do ? ” , take a look.